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Laminate 4-in-1 Molding

Laminate 4-in-1 Molding

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Application: A 4-in-1 profile can be used as a Hard Surface Reducer, Carpet Reducer, T-Molding, or a Threshold.  A Hard Surface Reducer is used to transition a floor to a lower profile surface. A Carpet Reducer is used to transition to carpeting. A T-Molding is used to transition two floors of similar height such as laminate to tile or hardwood. A Threshold is used to transition a floor to carpet or a surface such as a patio door or raised fireplace hearth. This molding includes a cutting tool to create the desired profile and a track for installation. This molding can be cut and used in 2 separate areas with different finish profiles.

Examples Of Use: This molding can be modified to transition many different surfaces and height options. Install between two floors of different heights. Install between two floors of similar heights. Install between Hard Surface materials such as Hardwood, Laminate or Vinyl Plank and Carpeting. An incredibly versatile molding.

Color Family: Golden

Shade: Medium

Appearance: Wood Grain

Product Code: 1178 MINC

Installation: Multiple Options

Length: 84in
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